Flopped nut straight, V turns nut flush

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Could I have done anything differently here? It’s the 3/5 200NL game at the Commerce. I have about a 250 stack, opponents have roughly the same amount except one villain with a 400 stack. EP opens for 15, two callers when it gets to me OTB. I call with 78o. 4 players to the flop 456ss. PFR cbets for 30, two callers, I raise to 90. Fold, fold, one villain calls. Turn 9s. He checks, I shove for about 50 effective. He snaps with AQss. I was pretty sure he made the flush but what am I going to do here? Fold to his 50 all-in on the river? Should I have just called the 30 turn bet and then ditch my hand when the spade falls? I think that’s too weak. Should I have shoved on the flop? This guy’s calling all day though with his short stack and the nut flush draw. Did I just get unlucky?

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