Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

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Pissed at myself for not staying disciplined last night.

Playing in a field of 24 in a NLHE tourney last night. Cards were extremely slim, but did really well playing a TAG game and making just the right amount of moves to steal what I needed to head into the final table 3rd in chip stack.

I put out one person with AA. Then I fell apart.

I think it was a combination of not getting cards all night and then having rockets that I lost focus and got sloppy.

I was second after the BB and pushed all in with AJ suited. I pushed everyone out as expected with the SB calling me with 88. I flopped a J but 4 hearts made the board and he won with the flush. No big deal but lost 3/4 of my stack to him.

What bothers me is the fact that I pushed all in with AJ suited from early position. No matter what the outcome, I should have been way more patient and waited for a better position and or better cards. I could have let several of the players put each other out and made a move later. I know better and yet I gave into the urge to play.

Discipline when playing would have gotten me deeper in the tourney and possibly have won it, but because I lost focus and was excited to see a mediocre hand, it cost me. Lesson learned, I hope. Now I have sentenced myself to playing 5 tourneys perfectly in a row online before I can go to tonight’s live tourney.

It’s funny, I do not get pissed about the bad beats, but poor play on my part really irritates me to no end.

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