Coming back to live NL after 3 year break!

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Hey CC community I decided to start this thread after deciding to comeback to live poker. A little background, I started playing poker at age 9. Started out with stud and once Holdem became popular switched over. I learned about gambling from my grandfather. He was an old school hustler from shooting pool, to playing cards, to betting horse. If there was action he was in it.

I started playing in home games and with friends in high school for spending money. Once I became a senior we would play in some underground spots that were like playing online in the good old days.

I went off to college on a baseball scholarship and started playing strictly online. I was able to within that year turn a $200 deposits into 6k after living expenses and partying. I didn’t track any progress at this time or take the game that serious. Just wanted extra money.

I ended up getting hurt after my sophomore year and really started grinding live and online. I turned my 6k into 15k within a year or more. Then it happened taking a shot at 5-10 NL live I lost 5k and it crushed me. I stopped playing until I graduated from undergrad. Then decided to get my masters. My parents wanted me to get a job so basically said you’re on your own.

At this point I got a part time job and got back on the tables. It was bumpy at first because I wasn’t making much money and using my bankroll for every expense. Then things started to click for me again and Black Friday hit. I was freaked out I didn’t know what was going on or what to do. So I played strictly live 2-3x a week at prime tourist hours at Tampa Hardrock. I was able to pay my way through grad school and had money left until I found a job.

During this time the job market wasn’t great and where I’m from the closest casino was 3 hours away. I found a great job from a connection and really focused on work and not playing poker. Reason mainly is I didn’t want my connection to feel like they made a mistake in helping me out. Now three years later withs very solid income, no kids, no dependents and a great bankroll for where I’m starting 1/2NL. I am ready to get back to my journey.

Current schedule: Monday through Friday work and work on my game (review hands, research, post questions on here, ect.) s

Saturday and Sunday going to start out 1/2NL live at Horseshoe in Cincinnati.

Although I have the bankroll I see no reason to deplete it playing 2/5NL being away from the game for so long. I know it’s going to be rough at first so going to take my lumps at a minimum if possible lol.

Any advice, questions, anything is welcome. I am nowhere near a pro nor was I at any point so there will be no trolling or ego from me on constructive criticism. Thanks in advance guys!

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