Am I the donk, or is it the other player?

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There were 7 players on the table and I was in the 3rd seat to the dealers right in that hand. The blinds were .50/$1 and I have Aces. The person UTG raises it to $3 and I re-raise it to $12.50 (I decided to play my aces aggressively). Everyone but the button and the original raiser calls.

K K K come out on the flop. It was checked to me and I raise my full house to $20, the guy on the button calls (he had about $30 left) and the original raiser guy folds. Turn is an 8 and with the guy only having $10 left I obviously put him all in, he calls. I show him my full house and he shows me K J (can’t remember if it was suited or not).

*The original raiser guy had A J. It was a bad beat and I really wasn’t upset at losing to the 4 of a kind but a full blown conversation started up about how the hands were played and what I was basically saying was that I want him to make that play against me every time with K J and they kept saying how that was a good call pre-flop.

What do you guys think?

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