$60 bankroll help playing 2nl, 1$ buy in – 60 buyins

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Hi all

I have had some success in tourney’s in the past and had to withdraw almost all my money as my business had a bad period. I battled after that with a $500 bankroll and ran bad and lost most of it in 2014. After that i battled with my mentality of running bad, tilt and not taking bad beats not very good, had a bad attitude and played bad because of that. It got so bad that i lost all interest in poker and only played a few hands.

Since then, I have done allot of work on my mentality and got to a place were i want to play poker again, got the bad run/bad beat mentality under the belt now. Bad beats don’t hurt that much and don’t get distracted from them. I also feel that i am playing poker at the best i can play at the moment.

Could someone give some advice how to play on 2nl fullring cash games with only a $60 bankroll on pokerstars? I play 6 tables with $1 buy in and see were i come from there?(Thats the plan). Any other suggestions plz help me

I have been learning playing 2nl and at the start was loosing bad but i found my leaks and i have playing allot the last 2 weeks and have a profit almost every session but it’s leveling out now. and most of that money i won, i lost back playing sng so i think i should just play cask for now as i got 60, $1 buy ins @2nl.

Any tips how to play theses stakes and what kind of read to look for, how tight do you have to play, like whats the best hm2 stats?

How would you go about a $60(all i have left)bankroll beating this stakes?

Also, table selection tips to will be appreciate it as i battle with it

Thank you

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