$5 NLHE 6-max: Bluff raising the flop and barreling the turn on low board

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5NL 6-max zoom on PokerStars. Villain is unknown.

Hero (BTN) has $22.96
Villain (SB) has $18.52

Hero is dealt Js Ts
Villain (SB) posts $0.02
BB posts $0.05
3 folds
Hero (BTN) raises to $0.12
Villain re-raises to $0.41
BB folds
Hero calls $0.29

$0.83 in pot (2 players)
Flop shows 6d 5h 4c

Villain bets $0.58
Hero raises to $1.70
Villain calls $1.12

$4.09 in pot (2 players)
Turn shows 2s

Villain checks
Hero bets $3.40
Villain folds

What do you think of the way I played this hand? I figured the villain probably had a hand like A high or K high, and even if he did have an overpair like 88-AA, I felt I could get him off it by representing a strong made hand like 2 pairs, a set or a straight.

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