$5.50 NLHE MTT: Prime Candidate to squeeze against?

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I want to understand, who Is a prime candidate to attempt a "Squeeze" versus?

In this particular situation, The opener was a lag 24/21/10%3bet, the player that flats was 33/0/0. I’ve done this same situation vs them numerous times, don’t misunderstand me, I never shoved. Yet I would raise, In position, and they flat, I Cbet and they fold.

So by now, I’m thinking this player must be getting fed up with me doing this, over and over vs them (If they even realize I’m doing this vs them and only them) and If they realize It’s always In position. Yet I’m not entirely sure they realize It, because they keep on limping 33% of the hands and never raise, yet always call raises.

So anyways of to the hand. We have KQo (SB). Question I’m asking Is my squeeze here really terrible vs their over all limping range? I mean Ax hands are sure to be In there, and Kx hands and connectors+suited hands.

I’d like to add we were 30 away from ITM and this was a 2k GTD btw.

Yet In general when attempting these moves who should I attempt them against? I always assumed that this type of player Is the one I should make this move vs, yet I’m here asking the question, thus I would like to know what exactly to look for when attempting such a play.

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saw flop | saw showdown

Hero (SB) (t27,994)
UTG+1 (t55,272)
UTG (t66,782)
BB (t19,668)
MP1 (t72,945)
Button (t35,525)
MP2 (t15,101)
CO (t21,524)

Hero’s M: 10.14

Preflop: Hero is SB with K
2 folds, MP1 raises t2,400, 1 fold, CO calls t2,400, 1 fold, [color=#CC3333]Hero raises to t27,274

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