$25 NLHE 6-max: Jh10h in MultiWay Played Well?

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Thanks in advance for any advice! My first hand at the table so I had no stats on anyone. Feel like maybe I shouldn’t have made the flop bet up against so many people with only a pair of jacks? Also, wasn’t sure I should have called the River bet, but seemed to me the only way I was beat is if he had a set, and he definitely hadn’t played like he had a set, so….

PLAYER1 ($33.68) posts small blind $0.10,
PLAYER2 ($24.75) posts big blind $0.25,
HERO (Jh 10h) ($24.75) posts blind $0.25.

PLAYER3 ($5.31) calls $0.25,
PLAYER4 ($37.77) calls $0.25,
HERO raises $0.75,
PLAYER5 folds,
PLAYER1 calls $0.90,
PLAYER2 folds,
PLAYER3 calls $0.75,
PLAYER4 calls $0.75.
(Pot is $4.25)

FLOP; [JS, 5H, 9S]
PLAYER1 checks,
PLAYER3 checks,
PLAYER4 checks,
HERO bets $2.50,
PLAYER1 folds,
PLAYER3 folds,
PLAYER4 calls $2.50.
(Pot is $9.25)

TURN; [JS, 5H, 9S, 9D]
PLAYER4 checks,
HERO checks.

RIVER; [JS, 5H, 9S, 9D, 5D]
PLAYER4 bets $4.75,
HERO calls $4.75.
(pot is $18.75)

PLAYER4 shows [KS, TD]
HERO shows [JH, TH]
HERO wins $17.82 from the main pot with two pair.

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