$200 NLHE Full Ring: Live Poker: Attempting to bluff catch with second pair

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200NL live poker with $1/$3 blinds, played at a casino. Villain seems like a somewhat decent player; at least compared to your typical $1/$3 live fish. He has some knowledge of TAG strategy, some positional awareness and is capable of pulling the occasional bluff.

Hero (SB) has $200
Villain (MP) has $200
Everyone else has between $100 and $500

Hero is dealt Ks Tc

Hero (SB) posts $1
BB posts $3
UTG calls $3
2 folds
Villain (MP) calls $3
1 fold
CO calls $3
BTN calls $3
Hero (SB) raises to $26
2 folds
Villain (MP) calls $23
2 folds

~$60 in pot
Flop shows Ah Kh 6c

Hero bets $30
Villain calls $30

~$115 in pot
Turn shows 4s

Hero checks
Villain bets $55
Hero tanks then eventually calls $55

~$220 in pot
River shows 2d

Hero checks
Villain shoves ALL-IN for $90
Hero calls $90

What do you think of the way I played this hand? I was worried about Ax hands, 2 pairs and sets, but then I thought that he limp-called preflop, so his range is fairly capped. I also thought that there’d also be a lot of busted gutshots and busted flush draws in his range, so this would give me a good chance to bluff catch. Plus I thought he could’ve floated my Cbet with ATC to try to take it away on the turn, and when I tanked for so long on the turn, it showed weakness on my part which could’ve very easily induced a bluff shove on the river… Thoughts?

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