$200 NLHE Full Ring: KK vs new player $1/$2 LIVE

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Local casino $1/$2 game.

Hero stack: $125
Villain: $75

It gets limped to me in MP with KK>
I raise to $11
Folds to UTG+1 who calls.

Flop comes 233 rainbow.

UTG+1 instantly bets $25
Hero: ?????
What do you do?

Villain is new, I have zero information and this is villains 3rd hand at the table, and I’ve never seen them before. Not once did she look at me, she looked at her cards, the flop, and then donk bets.
In the 3 hands she played she did come across as a new player (bets when she has it, will see a flop with ATC etc)

Has villain got a 3 here alot of the time?

Should I call/raise or fold in this situation? If I raise I dont think villain is folding at all. the bet was $25 into $24 as well. A little big and bluffy, but again, this player didn’t seem like the bluff type.

As the night when further on with this player and watching her play I was almost more and more certain that she bet out with the 3 and had zero idea about position / bet sizing etc.


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