$2 NLHE Full Ring: AJo light 3-bet and double barrel with AKs (40bb)

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Hey guys. Since I played these hand on mobile. I can’t use poker hand history, So I write a situation depend on my memory.

1. I have AJo(BTN) MP raised 0.06, other folds, I raised to 0.21. SB folds BB raised to 0.36 MP folds I calls

Flop : QTx (2 clovers)

BB raised all in and I called.

2. I have AKs and raised 0.06, 1 calls.
Flop comes 7,9,2(rainbow)
I raised 1/2 of pot, opponent calls.
Turn comes T
I bet pot-size, opponent reraised. I fold.

(Sorry for lack of information I played this hand on mobile.)
Is it wrong play?

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