$135 NLHE MTT Deep Stacked Rebuy: Top pair good kicker with a 1 STP ratio vs a read

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Small tournament in live play, 55 players, about 30 remaining with rebuy period just ending. PF A reasonably tight player with a big stack raises 3BB (100/200/no ante) in EP. I call on button with AJo. BB calls. Flop comes A 8 5 rainbow. Player C-bets for 2000, into a 1900 pot. I flat. BB folds. Turn is a blank, 6, putting a back door flush on board. STP ratio is about 1, I have 5500 if I fold and the blinds are going up. He puts me all in. I folded. Some people were sure I should have stacked off, but what is the analysis? I was sure I was beaten, but perhaps I was wrong. Would appreciate any kind of analysis, as I am curious if this was a big mistake. I thought he was value betting, trying to get me to call with a weaker hand. Just my particular read of the situation. He was a solid player, not a donk.

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