Wanting to take my poker to the next level

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Hi I’m 18 and I’ve been playing poker on 888poker for a short time and I’ve been pretty successful, I finish in the prizes in tournaments 90% of the time but that’s all at small stakes poker, like $1-5 buy ins. I want to bring my poker to the next level and enter the really big money tournaments. But I can’t fund that because I don’t come from a well off family where I have hundreds to deposit whenever and it would take so much playing at a lower level to win the money to play on the most lucrative tables. I was wondering if anyone here could give me a small hand to help me continue to play poker and allow me to test myself against better players. On 888poker you can do money transfers, it would be greatly appreciated if some people could please transfer some small amounts of money to my account. This would help me get closer to the big money tables, the place where I will be able to develop my poker skills(I am very mathematical and have a good understanding of betting strategy). I would be incredibly grateful for any sort of donations to my account, I really look forward to playing poker at the next level. Thanks

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