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Game: Live $50 NLH/PLO Round By Round tournament, 58 entrants, 6 spots paid.

I gathered in some chips early in the PLO round hitting two K high flushes against a set, and a smaller flush. This allowed me to open up a little early which is always nice.

Got to NLH and picked up 98 (suited spades) in the cutoff. I limped in with another player and the blinds called/checked. Flop came J 8 9 with 2 hearts. SB and BB checked and first limper bet 7x the BB. I Called. SB folded and BB raised to 20x BB. Limp-bettor folds and its on me now. A call almost puts me AI at this point so my only move is to shove or fold. BB is a crazy player, known for bluffing. I know this because he is a regular at my poker room and I see him all the time. BUT, I do know that when he usually bluffs its when he leads out or raises in late position.

I ended up folding. To check raise here I think he either has flopped the nuts, or is very close with maybe A10 hearts (or 10x hearts)- which puts us on an exact 50/50 flip. Even with just a bare flush or bare straight draw I am not sure I risk my tournament here. I may even have been drawing dead to runner runner quads. I folded and showed the 89 two pair…this is important. The villain never told me what he had.

Back to the PLO round I had a very interesting situation arise. I had AQ53 dbl suited and called a min-raise from the UTG along with the button.
Flop= AAK rainbow. All of us checked. Turn=9 (still rainbow). UTG bets the pot, I shove, and button shoves. Now on to the UTG player. He is also a regular at my card room and a very very good player. We have tangled a few times in the past at this card room and he knows I play pretty tight. After he saw my fold of 2 pair he must have thought I was super tight because he folds here and shows KKxx for the 3rd best boat, 4th best hand overall. He was visibly upset when I turned over my hand, and the button too who had AJ66, because he had us both crushed and outchipped. My hand held from here and I 2.5x’d up, back to a reasonable stack.

The sad thing for the UTG here is that after about an hour I took him out at a different table. He was not happy.

I ended up in 5th after getting literally garbage at the final table. Not terrible for a $180 profit in 5.5 hours.

Just two weird hands. I think I played them both right, and one fold by me helped me get a winner to fold to me later.

Also strange for this tournament, I only won 1 NLH hand the whole night, all my wins came in PLO.

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