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Hey all,

For those of you looking to learn more about poker, I would highly suggest PokerStars’s PokerSchoolOnline: They have great courses for beginners (with quizzes that award you tournament tickets upon completion), live training sessions, and a number of freebies/promotions! I just joined PSO this month and have profited quite a bit from these promos:

1. Beginners Bankroll: I just finished their ‘Beginners Bankroll Challenge,’ which has fifteen missions (really simple tasks like posting in the forum, playing a tournament, completing a quiz, etc.). Fifteen missions might seem time-consuming, but each mission only takes minutes. After completing ‚Beginners Bankroll,‘ I received ten $0.10 SNG tickets, plus a few other free tickets (to use for the missions) along the way!

2. Freerolls: Joining PSO also allows you to play in their ‘Open Skill League’ freeroll tournaments, which run six times a day. Each of these tournaments has a small prize pool of $10.00… the main goal of playing in these is to improve your ranking in the League leaderboard, with prizes awarded to the top players at the end of each month.

3. ‘Scratch & Match’: PSO members get daily scratch cards to win more tournament tickets. I usually scratch two cards per day and most of them have been duds, but I’ve gotten lucky here and there, winning a few $1.10 tickets and a ticket to the monthly ‘Big Bang’ $5K tournament.

Anyone have suggestions for other online poker schools/courses? Now that I’ve finished most of the courses on PSO, I would love to try learning from another site 🙂

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