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Good morning, this week was great for me in poker after a coach who had uiuiem a project that met on you tube andthe results began to appear and were many significant.

This week I had a day with a negative super variance that made me very sad because there were 4 tournaments that took 4 bad beat which left mad because he was very confident in my results and treeinamento I had the next day played in three tournaments:
1 in the tournament was in 43rd
2 in the tournament was in 3rd
3 in the tournament was in 3rd
adding in $ almost $ 80 restoring my bankroll and giving me more tranquilodade and confidence to move forward

To finish this topic I would like to tell with absolute certainty that we are not discouraged by the bad beat you took and the negative variance if we are playing with awareness that we are doing our best and studying with dedication and discipline a good strategy game the good results appeared.

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