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Poker One of the 3 things I enjoy most in life! Another is the Football … The other; well, I put it away for me! But as is evident, we’ll talk a little football, but more specifically Lionel Messi, one of the brightest players in the world (not to say the best … They say their numbers!)
Many will say; you can tell us this type of Lio! It’s enough known what this man can do with the ball, his skill and coolness of mind to defining etc … Etc! But it’s not their achievements what I want to talk, much less criticize his polemical attitude many times. I want to focus on a curious fact. According to the statesman Mr. Chip, Messi has kicked 81 penalties in his career, both in Barcelona and the Argentina national team, and has missed 17, ie 21%. And this is the point! Although the situation of this event can give us the feeling that the outcome will be a cry of goal, even the best player on the planet can give complete certainty that the result is expected!
What really happens with this statistic and why the wanted to share with you is a nice coincidence with that sublime moment we dealt AA. It gives us the feeling that we will be victorious winning hand at stake! And our instinct tells us "All in" and this good! Tenenos 80% of favoritism! … But it is not sure victory. For more skills you develop in this game called variance exists that detail that can embitter us out. I have seen many fall in anger (including me) to lose with AA, The best hand of Texas Hold’em, but is no guarantee that we will win. As we make us aware of it, we face defeat maturity as great.

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