Bovada incident…what happened????

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So I noticed yesterday my Bovada account had an extra few dollars credited to it. I did not earn these funds myself or play for them. I also noticed a message from bovada stating that they discovered a table I played at in which players had "breached the terms of service" and I was being credited back the funds that I played with that day and to contact them for any furather information. I call bovada. I want to know if this is a collusion incident (which I think it probably is) or is someone running some cheating software showing hole cards/giving knowledge of cards about to drop?

Bovada refers me to a "poker agent" who tells me he cannot provide any information about what happened! He says "all I can tell you is that this is a very old incident, not even within the last year. But we want you to know that we monitor our tables 24/7 and take action against people who do not play within our terms of service." He cannot provide me the hand number, the table or any information at all. I tell him, I don’t care who it was, but I want to know what happened…he can give me no information.

Two things about this. 1. If you think online poker is completely cheat/scam free you are fooling yourself. I have been playing for a while and the bad beats suffered online are insane. But there’s enough posts by bitter players on that topic. No regulation and ran by offshore servers (probably the same ones involved in ultimate bet and other scandals) you’re nuts to think the software is not designed to induce bigger pots. No I’m not saying you are specifically targeted. I’m saying the RNG is designed to give you 2 pair and the other guy a 1 card flush/straight so u bet huge all the way and have a tough choice to make on the river. Bigger pot=more rake=more money. this just a ruse by bovada? To credit me under 10$ to act as if they are "monitoring" their tables? Very conspiracy theory of me I know, but to provide no information and to say it’s over a year old? I have stopped playing there recently and it makes me feel like they are trying to bring me back.

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