$50 NLHE Full Ring: $50 NLHE Full Ring: 5 handed no action till river. Call or fold?

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SUPER interesting hand.
Table info. This is a super tight table but the villain is short stacked and new to the table.
Hero UTG +4 has 77
Villain UTG+2

preflop. fold, UTG+1 Call .50, UTG+2 Call .50, fold, hero raise to 1.37$, fold, fold, sb call 1.12$, bb call .87$. UTG+1 CALL .87$, UTG+2 Call .87$

Flop(pot 6.40$)
:4h4: :qd: :as:
Check, check, check, check ,check

Turn(pot 6.40$)
Check, check, check, check, check


Sb bet 1.00$, bb call 1.00$, UTG+1 fold, UTG+2 RAISE TO $10.85
fold around.

Was this a pot grab and worth calling? Guy is new to the table and short bought in… worth a call? Seems like he is aware of the super tight aspect of the table and is making a grab.

Thanks for the advice. Im thinking a c bet may have been in ordsr just to weed the table down. But into 4 other people? Let me knkw what yall think. Thanks!

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