$200 NLHE Full Ring: QQ on Button

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live cash game 1/2
(effective stack is 450$)
MP+1 is good/solid player

I am on the BTN with QsQc , player utg limps and another player in MP+1 limps aswell, i raise it to 15$ utg calls, and MP+1 3bets to 65$, i think for a little and call. heads up to the flop it comes 9s 10s Jc he c bets 100$ (i think about just calling but if a brick hits the turn then i will be calling another bet, i decided to go for fold equity) I shove all in for 385$ish he thinks for a while and opts to call.

I am just curious to see if any of you would have played this hand a different way and if i played it poorly, how so?

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