1-3 Live "right move? Or just plain stupid"?

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I was on tilt and chasing at this point……

I’m in the Hijack with 8-6 suited spades

Utg calls
Utg 1 raises to 15
Hijack calls 15
Cut-off calls 15
Small Blind calls 15
Utg folds

Flop comes out 9 clubs, Q spades, 10 spades

Small Blind checks
Utg 1 checks
Hijack (ME) Bets 125$
Cut-off Calls
Small Blind Goes All-in with like 350$
Utg 1 folds
I call his all-in with like 25$ left or something
Cut-off Calls his All-in for 350$ (Deep stacked with like 1,000$ in chips)

Turns: K clubs
River: Ace of hearts

I turn over 86 suited spades for the losing hand (flush draw /w Gut-shot straight)

Cut-off turns over Pocket Aces (Set of Aces)

Small Blind turns over QJ suited wins the entire ****ing pot……..straight Ace high………..

Was this a good shove off the flop for me? I had a flush draw with a gut shot. Not to mention if I win this pot I’m getting a good 450$ pot for 150$ I put into it. There was already 60$ by the flop. What you guys think?

By the way I am on tilt right now. Very angry and pissed off about how my day went……..I can’t get the hell out of this losing streak I’m on.

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